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Flavour Creations Water

Flavour Creations Water
Flavour Creations’ cooling and refreshing pre-thickened ready-to-drink Water and Watermelon Water help people with dysphagia
manage their fluid and energy intake. Completely free of artificial flavours and colours, Water is available in three colour-coded
viscosities and packaged in the new Flavour Creations Dysphagia Cup. The portion-controlled cup’s unique shape and textured
surface allows for easier grip and control and is designed to make drinking easier. In addition, the large foil pull tab enables easier
opening allowing people with fine motor skill difficulties the ability to access drinks easier.
Appropriate for these diets: Clear Fluid, Dairy & Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher
SKU FC Water
Carton Quantity: 24
Unit Size: CUP 175ML
Price: $2.00
Flavour & Consistency
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