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Advital Chocolate Mousse 120g cup

Flavour Creations Advital Chocolate Mousse 120g cup

Price: $3.05
Advital Smooth Fruits - Nutritionally Complete

Flavour Creations Advital Smooth Fruits Nutritionally complete, a range of delicious fruit purees which perfectly balances the sweetness of full-flavoured fruit and essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain optimal health

Price: $3.75
Ensure Plus Creme

Ensure Plus Crème is a 1.37 kcal/g nutritionally complete, pudding style nutritional supplement for people with, or at risk of developing disease related malnutrition.

Price: $2.79
Flavour Creations Dessert Custard

Occasionally, it's a good thing to indulge a little, a dessert to top off a great meal, to boost flagging energy levels, or simply just as a well-deserved treat. Now the perfect dessert has arrived to deliver just that - Just Desserts Custards. Delicious and portion-controlled, they're designed to satiate desire without over-doing it, and they're 100% Gluten-free and 98% Fat-free. Simply put, nothing else quite stacks up.

Price: $1.35
Forticreme 125g

A ready-to-use, semi-solid, nutritionally complete oral supplement enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a dessert form. Contains 200kcal and 11.9g protein per 125g pot.

Price: $3.19
Osmist Dry Mouth Spray

Developed by a Speech Pathologist, Martha Rowe, Flavour Creations Osmist is a refreshing and natural "dry mouth" spray to help relieve the discomfort of a dry mouth and throat.

Price: $12.95
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