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Flavour Creations Diet Cordial

Flavour Creations Diet Cordial
Stay hydrated. Stay energised. Our fantastic cordials are bursting with great fruit flavour in five
varieties - Citrus, Lime, Raspberry, Diet Lemon. Very versatile in serving your
hydration needs, our amazing cordials come in a perfect 185mL serve and are available in three
standard viscosities; what's more, they can also be frozen into an ice-cold treat, perfect for a hot
summer's day, as they'll actually return to their original viscosity on thawing.
So, whilst you're on thickened fluids, there's no reason to miss out on all the flavour, fun, and
energy that everyday hydration should provide, you can get it all with Flavour Creations' Ready-To
-Drink cordials.
SKU FC Diet Cordial
Weight 198.00 grams
Carton Quantity: 24
Unit Size: CUP 185ML
Price per unit: $1.80
Flavour & Consistency
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